TapeGo® Bias Tape Maker Set

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Discover how our SMART Bias Tape Maker can SAVE your Money and Time and help you get EasyQuick and Professional bias tapes.

Easily make High-Quality bias tape from any fabric in just a few minutes with these Bias Tape Makers. 

No more BURNED FINGERS making bias tape the slow old fashioned way... 

No more WASTING TIME on store-bought bias tape that is limited to a small selection of solid colors...

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Imagine being able to save money and open limitless possibilities to make a PROFESSIONAL single fold or double fold bias tape from the exact color/print you want in seconds.

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This New tool is the Most Efficient way to make Bias Binding/Tape.

  1. Simply feed the strip through the tool, 
  2. The strip comes out the other end of the tool folded for you! 
  3. Now just press with the iron to set the folds.

Can also be used for quilt bindings, simply cut the strips of fabric along the straight or cross grain of the fabric instead of on the bias.


  • Quick
  • Strong
  • Easy to use