Universal Car Steering Wheel Phone Holder

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This Universal Car Steering Wheel Mobile Phone Holder is easy to install and works with all smartphones to secure your mobile phone on your steering wheel while you drive in a clear and visible position

1. Prevent Distractions on the Road

Holders or mounts help avoid potential distractions that lead to these accidents by placing the cell phone in a location that a person can easily see. People who want to avoid fumbling inside one's pocket or purse whenever the cell phone rings should consider getting a holder.

2. Hear Conversations Better

Believe it or not, cell phone mounts also help in being able to hear the other party more clearly. Instead of the cell phone balancing precariously between the neck where it can fall any moment, a mounted cell phone can be easily tapped or given a voice command to put the caller on speaker. Not only will the driver be able to hear better, it will keep his or her hands on the steering wheel.

3. Access Music Without Difficulty

For those who enjoy playing music with their cell phone, a holder can come in handy. This accessory allows a person to quickly change the station, song, or playlist with ease. Whether the cell phone is connected via Bluetooth or an FM transmitter, a cell phone holder lessens the level of contact between the driver and the phone. Instead of physically grasping the phone in the palm of their hands, people can simply tap the screen or hit a few buttons using their fingers, as they do with the buttons on the car's built-in radio and sound system. This keeps the driver more focused on the road instead of the phone.

4. Play Movies for Passengers

Watching movies on a cell phone is a great way to pass the time when in traffic or on long road trips. Because most cell phone mounts have been built with touchscreen smartphones in mind, these holders can be swiveled to landscape mode for a better video experience. Holders can be positioned on the dashboard so that people in the front and rear seats can see the screen. Watching cartoons on one's mounted cell phone is also a fantastic way to placate children.

5. Use the Cell Phone as a GPS

People who own cell phones that can double as a mapping service and a GPS receiver will find that a cell phone holder allows them to take full advantage of it because the cell phone can be mounted to the dashboard in a similar position to a built-in GPS system. Just like when watching movies, many holders can be swiveled from portrait to landscape so one can see a larger view of the map.


  • Answer phone calls safely while driving. You can enjoy music and phone games without having to hold your device
  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Elastic car steering wheel holder, hold your device on the steering wheel
  • Adjustable Clip: The max opening is 76 mm, perfect fits for all mobile phones (including iPhone 5, 6, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, Samsung, etc)
  • Protection: The device is embedded soft silicone pad to protect your phone from scratches or scratched and so on
  • The width of suitable devices is from 55mm-75mm

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